Wagasa Man is a nonfictional superhero(?) appearing at Washington DC. He had always the Japanese Traditional Umbrella up.

Today I went to the CITI OPEN at Rock Creed Tennis Park.


I enjoyed watching games of Naomi Osaka and Kei Nishikori.

Today I went to a party at a park near my apartment.

Today I went to Kettler Capitals Iceplex. We had the Caps Fan Fest there. By CAPS's website I knew that I could take a picture with the Stanley Cup. I had to go there before 13:15 at latest.

I left a home at 8:00, and arrived KCI about 9:30. At that time I found a long line. But no problem. I rode my stroller so it was comfortable with the exception of hight temperature.

But the line was too long. So I try to check how long it was. I took a video from the top to my place. The recording time was 7 mins 49 seconds ! It was 10:39 at that time. I wondered when I would take a picture.

When I arrived on the top floor of KCI it was 3 o'clock. And staff divided the line at my right behind. I thought I was lucky. But he said that " This event will end at 4 o'cock. What's?

After that, sometimes people call " finish the line". Yes, that's right.

To come to the point, unfortunately I could not take a picture. Only 30 or 40 people were denied and so was I. I'm so sorry. Two staff took it away very quickly. Only photo board was left.

I booked an airplane from Haneda in an early hour. Because I had lots of luggage, riding a crowded train of rush hour is also painful. That why, I tried staying at a guest house “HISAYO’S INN” near Haneda airport.

It is the guest house showing the characteristics of the female owner. Both the room and the toilet are clean, and the room is decorated with Kunisada and Hokusai’s Ukiyoe.

Also it had full set of comic “DRAGON BALL”. The sleeping area of ​​the futon is also good. It seems that the owner has experience of living in the US, so it would be most suitable for customers from foreign countries.

There are convenience stores, yakitori restaurant, some ramen restaurants, and Japanese “teishoku” restaurant nearby, so you do not have to worry if you arrive late at night. It is 5 minutes on foot from the station and there is no step, so you can easily travel even if you have big baggage. Approach to Haneda Airport by Keikyu train is also good.

For people who want to enjoy skiing in Hokkaido, as well as those who come to see the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, I can recommend both domestic travelers and foreigners.


Because my friend Yuki moved to Georgia, we went to Baltimore crab restaurant at a farewell party.

It was a little confusing because it was behind the gate of a toll parking lot.


When eating oysters and crab dips, crabs appeared.

Because how to eat is difficult, we asked the staff of the restaurant to show it.

Everyone still seemed to be able to eat, so add oysters.

We were all stuffed.

2780 Lighthouse Pt E
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 558-0202

Parade in the rain

Participants in the parade threw a necklaces from the float at great speed, so a mother with the small child was angry. No offence was meant. They needed to throw quite a number of necklaces, it makes them absolutely incessant.

I wanted to see it to the end, but since I have time for an airplane, I enjoyed about 1 hour and 30 minutes and I left the venue with feeling as if I had left my heart behind.

The beginning of a chase was the man who sold photos near the entrance of the French market in New Orleans. I found him on the day I arrived in New Orleans. He took photos of the landscape of New Orleans and was selling them as a simple panel. Among his works, there was a photo of a sculpture with some good atmosphere. It was like an angel because she had wings. She looked like crying at the desk. But I did not know what and where it was.

I passed quickly at that time, but when I was having dinner at night, I became more interested in the angel. So, I asked Google. Then, searching for images around "new orleans angel", I found a picture with nearly the same composition.

The sculpture title is "Weeping Angel".

Would it be around "嘆きの天使" or "嘆く天使" in Japanese?

However, it is difficult to find Japanese articles about this sculpture. Maybe it is the sculpture that no one knows or does not appear in tourist guides. A little strange thing is that the composition of the sculpture photograph were almost the same, only about three kinds were found. Why?

The place of sculpture was like a tombstone of someone in a graveyard where we went to the end of the Canal Street tram. I'm sorry but there is not a enough time to go to the graveyard. Also, as I visited the cemetery, there was no guarantee to go to inside of it. I thought that it was impossible to get into the plan of 2 nights and 3 days because the information was too short. So, I decided to buy a photo, I went to the photographer's place in the morning of the last day and bought a panel of about 20 dollars.

Then I took a walk in the market and the town, ate lunch and I went to the place I was going to, but today there seemed to be a parade from the afternoon, the tram which I intended to ride had been canceled.

My plan was this. I eat lunch ahead of time and then walk around the city streets in the suburbs, then return to the French Quarter to watch the parade for about an hour, and head to the airport with Uber.

However, the tram was canceled unexpectedly, and I didn't have any idea what should I do in free 3 hours.

As usual, in such case, I am going to Starbucks and spend time while charging cellular phone, but the circumstances are a bit different today. If I have a lot of time, I should go to see the "Weeping Angel". If I can not enter the graveyard, that's OK. It is much more productive than chilling out at Starbucks.

So I walked to the outside of the French Quarter and got on a tram along the Canal Street.

The tram was closed inside of the French Quarter. At the station there was a lot of trams of turn-around driving stopped. I didn't need to wait and was comfortable very much.

Reaching the end point, the customer was only a tall couple who seemed to come from Eastern Europe except me. When they got off the tram, they took out a cellular phone and were looking around.

Perhaps, our destination will be the same.

I guessed, and I started walking in the direction that Google Map showed. I walked a few hundred meters, and ahead of crossing the thick road, METAIRIE CEMETERY appeared.

Fortunately, it seemed that entry restrictions were not being done. Since it was a graveyard on weekdays, guides were not available. Looking a bit behind, the couple came walking about 20 meters behind.

Well, in this vast cemetery, thinking how to find the Weeping Angel, opening a Google Map. I found a photo spot mark, and it said "Here it is". Excellent, Google. The other hand, the couple had walked to the wrong direction.

And I went to the place indicated by Google.

At the place, I found one building. It was the same as any other buildings. Unless Google says "here", I could never find it. Approaching the grave, when I looked through the window of the locked door, I found the angel.

But I could not go into the grave. It was severely locked. It seemed I could only see from this angle. I had no choice but took some photos from that angle. By the time I finished taking a photos, the couple came. Japanese people do better than people in other countries about such case.

With a smile, I told to them "We can see the angel from here,".After that I checked the building another angle. At last, I found out there was damage at the stained glass. It is not clear, but there was a cracked part on the right and upper side of the glass. Looking from here, it is exactly the composition of the photo that the photographer sold.

It was impossible to insert a single-lens reflex camera in this hole, but I could put my cellular phone into the hole. I careful not to drop my iPhone, I put the iPhone in the hole. Unfortunately, since the monitor is behind the stained glass, I didn't check what is shown on the monitor. In that state, I took about 10 photos changing angles. Indeed, in this situation, it is impossible for outsiders to take photos with various compositions.

This is the photo I took.

It was raining when I finished taking photos. I turned my coat collar and I headed to the tram station. The wind was strong and my fingertips were cold, but I was very satisfied after finishing my most valuable adventure on this trip. I am sorry for the angel who is mourning the buried person for long time.

In addition, this is the panel that I bought.